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Gaemi to cover wider area
The Nation

BANGKOK: -- Tropical Storm Gaemi has changed its course on its way to Thailand is now going further south, which will result in heavier rain, especially in the upper Southern region, Royol Jindon, who is involved in overall flood and water management operations, said yesterday.

He explained that the volume of rain could hit 100 millimetres per hour in the upper South, which lies at a junction of the main thorough-fare to the entire region and hence cause massive traffic congestion in case of flooding. The storm's change of course means that more areas will be affected, he added.

Heavy rain is expected in at least 60 per cent of the storm's path in the lower North, lower Central and upper Southern regions.

Subsequent storms can be expected if Gaemi's eye reaches its maximum potential in the Gulf of Thailand, he said.

Thai authorities will confirm the change in Gaemi's course tomorrow, even though several meteorological reports from international sources have suggested its change.

Flood relief and operations centres have been set up in the 30 provinces most vulnerable to heavy flooding after the Department of Disaster Prevention and Litigation held a teleconfer-ence with the provincial governors. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has instructed these governors to be available round the clock.

Meanwhile, the Meteoro-logical Department said Gaemi would possibly have an influence on Thailand when it reached Vietnam tomorrow evening, though it might weaken along the way.

The flooding situation in Bangkok, especially in the west, has to be assessed on a day-to-day basis if the volume of rain exceeds the level of 60mm per hour, a senior Bangkok Metropolitan Administration official said.

The BMA's medical emer-gency and relief services have been ordered be on 24-hour standby.


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