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Post  Holles Wood on Fri May 17, 2013 9:14 am

We have received some reports of concern during the past 100 years and a request for responsibility taking.

I apologies about the regretable concerns, and express a sincere willingness and dedication to strive for the rulership ideals realized in accordance with the Dharmaraja tradition. I acknowledge the heroic efforts including specifically the United States peacefull defection stratedgy to bring these concerns to a faster correction and accept the need for these actions in response to that situation refered to at that time without bias. We are glad to answer as to a responsible stratedgy now with loving kindness and consideration to all our people and extend our hand of friendship to our American family and friends.

Dharmakaiser Subforum is based on the Dharmaraja tradition which Buddha has achieved on numerous occasions in past lives, having been a ruler who ruled in accordance with the dhamma.

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