Int. Responer on Hand to Yasodhara Actresses with EQ Response Method

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Int. Responer on Hand to Yasodhara Actresses with EQ Response Method Empty Int. Responer on Hand to Yasodhara Actresses with EQ Response Method

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A small earthquake was reported in Mumbai, India.

Since Buddhism is so popular in India, being more popular than any other religion in Asia, numerous movies have been done about Buddha's life calling upon numerous actresses to portray Yasodhara, Buddha's wife. The historical Koliyan daughter was taken to Kapilavathu to be made a member of the Sakyan family. Yasodhara gave Buddha a son named Yasodhara. Many Buddhists tourists like to visit there along with the thus far very developed Buddhist Pilgrimage area Lumbini which is so popular that it includes numerous hotel services for the many visiting Buddhist Tourists.

Our site tour man is on hand to advise these Indian Misses about Earthquake Scenario Response Method.

He has experience as an International Responder to the 2012 Earthquake in Kolkata where he took the field and his book promotion has included a visit to Rajgir where the historical Buddha had also aquired one of the queens of Great Buddhist King Bimbasara who was given permission to become a nun and helped to form such a pair of Chief Nun Disciples.

Click on link.

Previous experience includes a same day international bridge inspection in Thane, India in 2009 and a historical look about Mumbai's weather history included our Buddhist Forum's Deltaworks Large Scale Civil Engineering Advisment.

He also mounted the Pooja Express from Chakki Bank to Jaipur, Rajistan, did the topic Purple K 3 Pat Answers and received a very friendly welcome from local site tour enthousiasts.

A moderate intensity earthquake, measuring five on the Richter scale, hit Mumbai and parts of western Maharashtra this evening with Koyna as its epicentre.

The quake, which occurred around 5.21 PM, originated in Koyna region at a latitude of 17.2 degrees north and a longitude of 73.8 degrees east, the Met office here said.
Tremors were felt in Sangli, Osmanabad, Ratnagiri and Satara districts and minor shocks were also felt in Mumbai suburbs.
There were no immediate reports of any damage to life or property due to the quake, sources said.
In Mumbai, a number of people rushed out of their houses on feeling tremors and the weather office and the police control room received several calls.


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