Serbia-Bosnia Flooding, Worst Rainfall in 120 years

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Serbia-Bosnia Flooding, Worst Rainfall in 120 years Empty Serbia-Bosnia Flooding, Worst Rainfall in 120 years

Post  Raymond_Smith on Tue May 20, 2014 1:19 pm

A '1,000 Year' Flood Wrecked The Balkans, Destroying 100,000 Buildings And Homes

The worst rainfall to hit Serbia and Bosnia in 120 years has killed upwards of 40 people and destroyed entire towns.

"The physical destruction is not less than the destruction caused by the [1992-95 war in Bosnia]." Bosnian Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdžija told a news conference. "During the war, many people lost everything. Today, again they have nothing."

He noted that more than 100,000 houses and other buildings in Bosnia were no longer fit to use.

More than one million people live in the affected areas. About 500,000 people have been evacuated or left their homes and at least 95,000 homes are without power. Over a million people have been cut off from clean water supplies.

"The situation is catastrophic," Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said earlier this week. "These are the kind of waters not seen in 1,000 years, let alone 100."

The mayor of Mali Zvornik, which is located on Serbia's border with Bosnia, said an "entire hill" was threatening to slide into the River Drina and flood the town.

The government in Bosnia says more than 1 million people, or a quarter of the population, have been affected by the flooding and landslides.

About 300 landslides have complicated rescue efforts as houses and cars are being buried, bridges are crumbling, and roads have been rendered impassable.


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